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Seecret BedMajic Tan is excited to offer the latest in collagen anti-aging treatments. The anti-aging ‘Seecret®’ by Hapro is setting the premium benchmark in this new market, unique details, intelligent technology and a perfect design meets all requirements. Seecret® anti-aging is a comfortable experience with the best results.

How does it work?
Our skin is partly made up of collagen and elastin. Red light therapy bulbs activates the skin functions and stimulates the body into producing natural collagen and elastin. Red light therapy re-hydrates the body. The skin gently recovers, while the skin condition improves and other important skin functions are reactivated with each Seecret® light bath. The Result: The body looks and feels younger. Small lines and wrinkles are diminished, deeper contours are targeted.

Who can use Seecret®?
Both women and men can have this treatment.

Will I be warm?
The Well therm system will keep you warm whilst you are having your treatment.

When will I see results?
You will notice a visible difference after only 3 – 4 weeks

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