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Seecret BedVita D+ Bulbs
Seecret® perfectly combines this anti-aging process with the unique vitamin D light. The vitamin D system developed here, integrated by means of additional tubes, stimulates the body‘s own vitamin D supply with pure vitamin D. Overall health in general and the immune system in particular are enhanced; stable protection against infections and other external influences. The Result: Is a positive sense of physical well-being and an overall sense of feeling good.

How long does it take?

It is suggested that for the first three to four weeks you have 3 treatments a week and then finish with two treatments per week. After this you will then need to have one treatment every two weeks.

Is it Safe ?

The treatment is Safe and relaxing using only the body's own natural methods for collagen replacement. There are no reported side effects and the Collagen Bulbs contain no UV rays

Is it beneficial to use any other products with this new treatment?

A 24 hour moisturiser will help to enhance the program. A Hyaluronic gel & collagen cream will increase the benefits.

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